So, what you guys think about Anim Dailies so far?

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So, what you guys think about Anim Dailies so far?

Post  Alfonso.Sicilia on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:38 am

Hey guys, we're interested to know what you think of the site. It would be great if you could answer some questions...

1. What do you think of our review process so far?

2. Is there anything you would like to see in our reviews that we're not doing yet?

3. Would you be interested in animation tutorials from us? And if so, is there a particular topic you would like to see (Principles, Acting, Cycles, Creatures)?

4. Is there any part of the site you don't like?

5. Do you have any other suggestions or thoughts?

Thanks guys, please reply below!

-Anim Dailies

AnimD Crew
AnimD Crew

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Re: So, what you guys think about Anim Dailies so far?

Post  izeyaepic on Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:51 pm

I have only been animating a short time and I come to animdailies daily(:P) to not only see critiques of shot but to also see the wide variety of work out there. It also helps me as a beginning animator observe what kind of problems I am going to run into. Overall I've really enjoyed the site and think it's really cool what you guys are doing. So keep it UP!

1) The review process is good and I think if I were to submit a work I would find it useful. However to someone who really just enjoys watching critiques to learn animation sometimes I find a bit hard to follow. Part of the reason I think this is because when somebody submits their reel it gets hard to take in all the different points because there is so many different pieces; and each with it's own very different problems.

2) It would be interesting maybe is on the individual shots maybe more time was taken to illustrate the concepts? Drawing over them with you guys commentating and explaining from the back. I know you guys are busy so maybe that could even be something you'd choose to do once a month or something; it still would be very helpful.

3) Well since the basics are so important I would even like to learn more about basic body mechanics and physics of a shot- since that's what seems to be frequently problematic in a lot of the submitted work. It would also be cool if afterwards some recommended tests would be given that would really help improve these areas as well.

4) Overall the site is fine. Sometimes the vimeo videos were playing on their own and the reels with loud repetitive music would continually need to be scrolled to and paused before watching the newest post. Other than that things tend to work well.

5) Just want to say again it's awesome what you guys are doing. Another question that I don't know if it's been answered yet. Is there a selective process to which works you review? Do you prefer to see more advanced stuff or are some more basic animations ok too?

Thanks again!


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Re: So, what you guys think about Anim Dailies so far?

Post  Brad Silby on Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:08 am

Hey izeyaepic,

Thanks for the feedback, glad that you're enjoying it.

I understand what you mean about the critiques sometimes being difficult to follow, but at the moment we can only offer written feedback due to lack of time. Your once a month idea is interesting though. We also have some idea's for the future too so watch this space...

We have fixed the auto-playing video's so it shouldn't be as annoying now!

As for selection of clips, we try and work on a first come first served basis, but sometimes clips might move up the pile as they're easier to comment on. For example it takes less time for us to look at a short animation test than it would for a two minute demo reel or short film, but we try to be as fair as possible.

Thanks for checking out the site every day! We look forward to seeing your work.

-Anim Dailies

Brad Silby
AnimD Crew
AnimD Crew

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Re: So, what you guys think about Anim Dailies so far?

Post  ankitgokani on Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:29 pm

First of all congrats to you all for starting such an excellent service
I liked your review process very much but i figured out that you being too polite sometimes
I feel we as animators if we or not given strict or you can say stern critics we take things for granted (my view)

Secondly i feel there should be principles tuts from your side for 2 reasons
I try to put principles to act in my shots but somehow down the line just forget to use them
So it would be great to learn how to use them practicaly cos there are many sites out there with just text but dont mention how to use it practically in your daily animation Especially like spacing timing and appeal

Thanks once again and you all are doing a great job continue it and i am lovin it


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Re: So, what you guys think about Anim Dailies so far?

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